FIFA 09 Scouted Players

Below is a list of players that have the potential to reach a peak OVR of 90+. Hopefully there is enough information here such that you know where to scout and for what position.

Players aren’t scoutable until their 16, so if a player is listed as 10 years old that means you will not be able to scout for them until you enter season 6 of your manager mode.  The potential column is a rough indicator of what their peak value is.

If you are able to scout a player that reaches and overall of 90 or greater without training boosts then please leave a comment with the players details so I can turn this list into an up to date resource.

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FIFA 09 Best Young Players

One of the best things about playing Manager Mode in FIFA 09 is being able to transfer the players you wished played for your club. The aim of this page is to give you some insight into who the future stars of the game are going to be.

The information detailed is accurate for current-gen platforms (PC, PSP, PS2, Wii). While the data is not exactly correct for next-gen consoles (XBOX360, PS3), it should give you a good indication as to who the better players are.


  • Be 23 or under at the start of the first Premier League season
  • Attain an overall skill of 85 or greater at some point in their career

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