FIFA 11 ReGens

WTF is a ReGen?

In FIFA 11 they have removed the youth scouting system from the career mode entirely and switched to a system of regenerating retired players.

Basically when a player retires they will be reincarnated in the form of a youth player with a pseudo-random name but with the identical attributes of the retired player. You can spot them in the transfer screen because they do not have a player picture.

If you have difficulty finding a certian player it may be because they have already been traded to another team. To help with finding them you should search for young players with their position / nationality and then check that their weight matches.


  • Must retire within the first 5 seasons of CM. Because a regen starts young (<18) they need time to fully develop to the potential of the player they are based on.
  • Have a theoretical potential overall of 75+, because there is not point of buying a regen’d version of Paul Crichton

This post by rusayne on the EA forums better explains and discusses how regens work so have a look if you want more information.

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