FIFA 12 Scouted players

While I don’t exactly know how the scouting system works in FIFA 12, I do know that it is fundamentally different from that of the last incarnation (FIFA 10). It appears as if the players are dynamically generated in-game and are not taken from a pool of pre-generated players stored in the database. At this stage it looks highly unlikely that there will be a list of scouted players for FIFA 12.

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FIFA Fanatic Redesign

To coincide with the release of FIFA 12 I’ve decided to give the site a bit of an overhaul.  You are now viewing a fluid width layout, which should make viewing the wide tables easier on the eye.  I’m also using a new datatables plugin to make sorting and searching through the many entries much easier.

Anything you’d like to see added / changed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

FIFA 12 Best Young Players

Here is the new list of the best young players for FIFA 12. It should be accurate for current-gen machines (PC, XBOX360 and PS3) and at least a good guide for those on previous-gen machines.

Players ages are calculated at the start of a manager mode season with a Premier League club (1 July 2011), and for a player to be included on this list they must be under 25 and have a potential overall of 75+.

Many of you have players whose overall has exceeded their potential. This is because a player should naturally reach his potential, but by playing them often you can boost their overall potential. In the past this boost has been anywhere from 1 to 10, but more likely 3 or 4. This is an overly simplistic view of things but it tends to hold true in most cases.

New list for winter transfer update. FIFA 12 Best Young Talents February Squad Update.

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