FIFA 14 Best Young Players Winter Roster update

Here is the updated player database of the best young talents in FIFA 14 as taken from the squad update released after the winter transfer period. Most of the transfers appear to be here, although there’s likely to be some deadline day dealings missing. The original FIFA 14 Best Young Players list is still available for those with original squads. To be eligible for inclusion players must have a potential of 75+ and be aged 25 or less at the start of the season.

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FIFA 14 Best Young Players

FIFA 14 is here! Give your xbox360 / PS3 a break from GTA V and start up a FIFA career mode using this player database as a guide. The list includes all players that have a potential overall of 75+ and 25 or less at the start of the manager mode premier league season (1 July 2013).

Many of you will have players whose overall has exceeded their potential. This is because a player should naturally reach his potential, but by playing them often you can boost their overall potential. In the past this boost has been anywhere from 1 to 10, but more likely 3 or 4. Sort through the table below and find the best, most talented players in FIFA 14.

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