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  • Barcafan

    When do the winter updates get out???

  • hi i want this now

    could u do a page with the coast of a player on career mode??

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic! Great to see the young player list! Hope to see the Regen list for FIFA 12 as well in the coming weeks. Keep it up!

  • Frankdw

    just wondering wether and when u will be realsing the list for fifa 12

  • gonna be rave fifa 12,  comin out 2morrow, in the uk

  • cant wait until  fifa 12 young player and scouting list, when will it be out 

  • BIGjediPimpin

    first off thank you for the hard work because i dont play fifa career mode without using your best young player list. and i wanted to know if your going to make a fifa 12 best young players and if you are how long does it take because ive become so spoiled with this list i dont want to play career mode without the best young players =) and i would also like to know how you make these lists i would like to view it for myself. thanks!!