FIFA 12 Squad Updates

The biggest squad update of the FIFA year has just occurred (23 February 2012), the Winter Transfer Update.  Judging by the comments this update has been eagerly anticipated so I’m in the process of updating the list.  Please let me know if anything is broken, I haven’t had time to properly test them yet.

  • Alexandre

    i have a xbox and need to know how to update squads can someone help!

    • Mitch

      Go to customize fifa then to edit teams then go to change squads/roster then download updates

  • Magonzalezd

    I have a ps3, how can i updated all the squads? explain cause i need to do it, thanks

    • hohohohohohoho

      you don’t wanna do it becaus on career mode the players grows wery slow :/

  • Coasd

    Please upload the Best carrer mode players just like for previous version