FIFA Fanatic Redesign

To coincide with the release of FIFA 12 I’ve decided to give the site a bit of an overhaul.  You are now viewing a fluid width layout, which should make viewing the wide tables easier on the eye.  I’m also using a new datatables plugin to make sorting and searching through the many entries much easier.

Anything you’d like to see added / changed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

  • sam

    When searching for players you should be able to click on a certain player position and see which player you want or which suits you best for your team. You should keep the other system as well when you search for players with their names. I just think that that idea would be easier as you can then see which players are the best in that position or the most improving. Hope this helps and I hope you add to your search thing. Please reply asap.

  • James_lelievre

    Price Of player in the first and second season

  • Shanemurphy999

    best 5 star skill players

  • FIFAAddicted

    Could you please tell us which clubs in FIFA 12 that get a new owner with a load of money 😉 

  • lachie

    Could you post thier prices at the start of cm that would be really helpfull

  • Deinboiboroma

    Just a suggestion, there should be some sort of skill rating section where you can search players of varying skill and view a breakdown of nationality club and league etc

  • Wizher

    Could you make the lists downloadable somehow? Sure i can copy/paste it into a word document or such, but then i’d lose the sorting-option 😉

    • just copy it to an excel page, and add filters, if you give me ur email address, i ll send it to u

    • The tables are built from a relational database so I have no spreadsheets.

      • the spreadsheet are really easy to make, all you have to do is copy them into an excel spreadsheet, and put filters, on the top, if you give me your email address i’ll send you the one I made, which has the good young players, the lower grade ones and the free agents.

  • please can you post the players who you can scout, as that would be a great help, love the Young Players list, the growths are really low this year though